so I cannot just buy a taylorswift album. I have to buy the album on itunes to get it automatically at midnight, then I have to buy the physical copy of the album, and then I have to buy the physical copy of the deluxe album. Lets not forget her single, which I buy on itunes then also buy the physical copy of the single CD. I am not messing around when it comes to buying her music.




Half of an ed sheeran concert is incredible music and the other half is him tripping over cords and amps

I have no idea what you’re talking about. 





okay so I’ve known for a while that John Mayer has a house around where I live, like as in IN THE SAME TOWN lmao just kinda out in the valley a bit
but apparently he’s like AROUND???
my dad told me he goes to this one bar in town and just shows up and gets on stage w/ a guitar and starts being John Mayer
and I’m like imagining myself being in the bar w/ my “Taylor Swift or die” t-shirt on and making eye contact with John Mayer

  • taylor swift: writes a song for her friend that has bulimia
  • everyone:
  • taylor swift: writes a song forgiving kanye west for interrupting her at the vmas
  • everyone:
  • taylor swift: writes a song about a four-year-old boy that died of cancer
  • everyone:
  • taylor swift: writes a breakup song

Can you make a metaphor using the word slay? (x)
ex: “Shake it off slays me!” 



Dear Taylor, My name is Jessica. I’m 20 years old, and I’m a Swiftie. I’m also dying.
In Jan ‘13 I was diagnosed with terminal heart failure. I will lose my battle but because of you every day I win the war. You help me choose happiness, hope and love over sadness, bitterness and pain. You help me dance and sing and twirl when I want to curl up and cry. You help me choose life. I’m so happy to be alive, to watch the clouds, see the stars, taste the snowflakes. I’m so honoured to feel the grass between my toes and to hear your voice playing from the radio. Your music holds my hand when I am sad, and cheers my corner when I’m happy. You’ve achieved so much, so young, and you prove to me every day that a good and full life is not measured in years, but in what you do within those years. Thank you for giving me the strength to carry on, and to fight. I had so many dreams that will never be realised, but you inspire me to try. Because what is life without hopeless attempts at dreams ? I dream to see you in person, I know the chances are next to impossible because I’m from the UK, but I’m visiting New York for treatment on my heart in October and I can’t help but hope that one dream can still come true. That I’ll meet you and be able to tell you just how wonderful you are. That I’ll get to hug you and thank you face to face (the way my Mama taught me!) but if not, please know I love you and I am so grateful for my little slice of happiness. No one can save my life, but you’re saving my soul. Thank you for inspiring me to be exactly who I am, through highs and lows. Because of you, I know that being me is enough. Love Jessica xxx

please see this! This girl deserves to meet you so much more than I deserve your follow!

But you were everything to me, i was begging you “please don’t go.”

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2014


when i listen to last kiss and dear john i get all teary and i start to feel sorry for myself and i feel like i just wanna lie down on my bed forever

and them i’m like “wait i’ve never dated anybody” 

"I don’t think that new Taylor Swift song actually killed you, but we say that it slayed us because the experience of it was so awesome that now we are metaphorically dead."
— John Green (via newmaserati)